Herbal Traditional 2019


June 20-21, 2019

We regard each one of the individuals to 2nd International Conference on Herbal & Traditional Medicine, held in the midst of, June 20-21, 2019 in Dubai, UAE.

We invite all the scientists in the field of Herbal and Traditional Medicine, Acupuncturists Phytomedicine, Ayurveda, Pharmacognosy, Naturopathy, botanists, option and correlative prescription experts, individuals who have faith in characteristic solutions for investigate their examination, contextual investigations and specialists of regular medication at Herbals and Traditional Medicine 2019 in Dubai, UAE.

Herbal Traditional 2019 main moto is to address the challenges in making a safer, sustainable and affordable system for medication, and health through consolidating the underpinning Medicine Practices research platforms. Herbal Traditional 2019 conference prepares the ground for seeding novel  concepts and nurturing knowledge through discussions and analysis on Alternative Treatment developments.

This conference mainly center on the latest and exciting innovations in every area of Alternative Healthcare research, and it will offer a unique opportunity for investigators from all over the world to network and grasp new scientific interactions about the theme: “Herbal & Traditional Medicine: Encouraging New Novelties in Nature Treatments”