Frequently Asked Questions

We carefully collected the most commonly asked questions about our services. Please learn more about MedicalArrow.


Medical tourism may be defined as the arranged travel abroad with the intention to restore, maintain or enhance individual’s health or well being. Such travelers are mainly driven to the countries that can offer lower cost and/or free of waiting times healthcare. Usual medical trip looks like this: a few days for medical treatment, a few days in rehabilitation centers and a few days of sightseeing and touring around. Put it differently, medical tourism is not only about receiving medical treatment, but also – experiencing a new country and relaxing as you would on a regular holiday.

It is the right thing for you, if you are looking for medical, surgical, dental, wellness or other kind of care and at the same time you want to:
  • save significantly;
  • avoid waiting lines;
  • get top-quality care;
  • relax on a small holiday;
  • experience a new country and culture.
Usually individuals choose to receive a treatment abroad due to one, few or all of these factors:
  • High quality;
  • Low cost;
  • Short or no waiting times;
  • All inclusive care;
  • Chance to relax as you would on a regular holiday;
  • New country/culture experience.
Medical tourism is not only about the treatment but also activities that you normally do on a regular holiday. Upon request, Medical Arrow will organize you sightseeing trips and other extras to help you discover Greece to the fullest. Of course some procedures require peaceful rehabilitation afterwards; thus, we will act according to the doctor recommendations as safety always come first.

Definitely! We will take full care of you and any of your co-travelers. Whether they need medical assistance or simply want to enjoy Greece, we will help them with everything they wish. We give special prices for accommodation, transportation and leisure activities so everything will be much cheaper with us.

You are free to do so. If you decide to organize medical tourism trip on your own, still ask us if something is unclear – we will be happy to help!

Just keep in mind that arranging medical trip on your own will require time and probably even more money. Our close partnerships and experience in travel managing allow us to organize everything smoothly and at the best possible prices.

Healthcare Quality

  • Arranging initial online consultations with appropriate specialists;
  • Scheduling the needed facilities for treatment;
  • Helping with guides and language translations;
  • Organizing transportation;
  • Accommodation and meal service;
  • Arranging post-treatment care;
  • Arranging needed relaxation and rehabilitation in SPA facilities;
  • Organising guided excursions and leisure activities;
  • Taking full-care of spouses or friends travelling together.

Medical Arrow can arrange almost any health treatment you may need.  In our pages you can find detailed information of the health services we offer. If you cannot find the required procedure, please enquire us and we will try to help you.

Our partner clinics are renowned for the highly skilled and internationally accredited physicians and medical personnel. You can find the main doctors and their accreditations listed under descriptions in our pages. Also, if you want to know more about a specific doctor, inquire us and we will provide you with all the information you need.

The lengthy medical education of Greek doctors combined with high-degree of international experience grants top-quality healthcare. In addition, Medical Arrow is in partnership only with premier private healthcare institutions around the country, providing even higher standard of care. Through a long selection process, we make sure that our medical partners use state-of-art equipment and employ only the latest methods and techniques in treatments. The doctors in the partner clinics are accredited internationally and have extensive experience in their field.