Medical Tourism Marketing Options


Silver – Monthly*

Gold – Yearly**

Sponsor – Yearly**

Marketing Plan for 1 Treatment Free €125/Month €1200/Year €2400/Year
Marketing Plan for 2-4 Treatments Free €175/Month €1800/Year €3600/Year
Marketing Plan for Over 4 Treatments Free €250/Month €2400/Year €4800/Year
Case Management Fee 25% 15% 15% 15%

 Website Promotion

Center Profile Basic Preferred
Treatment Prices Un-limited
Treatment Packages Up to 3 Up to 6 Preferred
Doctors Resumes Up to 2 Up to 5 Preferred
Reviews and Testimonials Preferred
Videos Preferred
Questions & Answers Preferred

Patient Coordination Support

Direct Patient Inquiries Preferred

Social Media Promotion

Facebook Preferred
Twitter Preferred
Youtube Preferred
LinkedIn Preferred
instagram Preferred

Custom Content & Marketing (as contracted)

Email Marketing Custom Custom Custom Custom
Custom Marketing Custom Custom Custom Custom
Custom Article Writing Custom Custom Custom Custom
Search Engine Marketing Custom Custom Custom Custom
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now



* Billed Monthly – Annual Contract Billed via Credit Card on a month-by-month basis

** Billed Annually – Annual Contract Billed for the whole year via Credit Card or Bank Wire Transfer.

All contracts are for minimum one (1) year.

Content for marketing must be provided by the customer (except custom content).