Medical tourism in Ukraine – Medicine in Ukraine is one of the most developed spheres, while prices for medical services are 2-3 times, and even tens of times lower than European or American ones. Highly qualified doctors, modern equipment and reasonable prices – that’s what awaits foreigners who want to improve their health in Ukraine. And here you can not do without a trusted person, who will become your reliable guide on the way to health and beauty.

Medical Arrow is a company that owns a network of established contacts among the leading Ukrainian medical clinics. We are ready to provide you with the best specialists in reproductive medicine, plastic surgery, dentistry, bariatric surgery and other fields of medicine.

The most popular areas of medical tourism in Ukraine are:

  • Reproductive medicine. The flexibility of the Ukrainian legislation contributes to the fact that many foreign families who dream of children turn their attention to Ukraine. Infertility treatment, artificial insemination and IVF programs, surrogacy, aggs donation – Ukraine gives every chance to foreign childless couples to finally find their happiness in parenting and return to their homeland with a child.
  • Dental tourism. It’s no secret that in the West, dental services are not a cheap treat. In Ukraine, foreigners can get quality medical care at affordable prices, while the qualifications of Ukrainian doctors are not inferior to foreign ones, and materials are used the same as in the whole world. At your service therapeutic and esthetic dentistry (dental treatment, elimination of defects in the form of chips, cracks), prosthetics and implantation of teeth for adults, as well as a wide range of services for orthodontics for children (bite alignment, various types of bracket systems).
  • Wellness & SPA. At your service are beauty salons, SPA and massage studios, and, of course, plastic surgery clinics. Going to Ukraine for a beauty tour means spending time not only pleasantly, but also for the benefit of your appearance – to put in order the figure, lose weight, rejuvenate. It can be courses of therapeutic and wellness massage, facial and body cosmetic procedures, wraps, mesotherapy sessions, biorevitalizations and other beauty injections, plastic surgery to correct the shape of the nose, breast enlargement, liposuction.
  • Bariatric surgery. Types of bariatric surgery: Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery combines two basic mechanisms – malabsorption and reduction of gastric volume (Roux-en-Y method), now this technique is one of the most popular bariatric interventions, it provides a stable and long-term loss weight (60-70%, and according to some data and up to 80% of the excess body weight), positively affects the life span and the associated pathology associated with obesity, and also has a fairly low rice to the development of postoperative complications Laparoscopic gastric banding, Laparoscopic sleeve resection of the stomach, Laparoscopic stomach plication, Ballooning of the stomach.


Medical Arrow will make sure that your stay in Ukraine is as comfortable as possible. We are ready to fully take care of the organization of your wellness tour – from preparing a trip program to renting a house.

Ukraine has always been at the crossroads of relations between the East Slavic peoples and Europe.


The area of ​​Ukraine is the second country in terms of area in Europe after Russia 603.7 thousand km ², it is 5.7% of Europe and 0.44% of the world. Its length is 1,316 km from west to east and 893 km from north to south. The length of the border is 6,500 km (1,050 of which pass through the sea). Ukraine borders on Russia in the east, north-east and north, with Belarus in the north, with Poland, Slovakia and Hungary in the west, with Romania and Moldova in the south-west.


In the south Ukraine is washed by the Black and Azov seas. The shores of the Black Sea are mostly low, riddled with bays and estuaries, and only in the south of the Crimean peninsula are steep and mountainous. The shores of the Sea of ​​Azov are flat, differ in the abundance of sandy braids.


The largest rivers are the Dnieper (the third largest river in Europe after the Volga and the Danube), the Dniester, the Desna, the Danube, the Southern Bug. The Dnieper divides the country into the Right and Left Bank of Ukraine

Ukraine is located in several natural areas: mixed forests, forest-steppe, steppe. Possesses large reserves of minerals.


According to this last census in Ukraine, there are 46 million people. On the territory of Ukraine there are 5 cities with a million population: Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepr.

The main population is Ukrainians (78%). Other large ethnic groups of Ukraine are: Russians, Byelorussians, Moldovans, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Romanians, Poles.


The state language of Ukraine is the Ukrainian language. Most of the population equally fluent in two languages ​​- Ukrainian and Russian. And regions are allocated, mainly Russian-speaking (east and south of the country) and Ukrainian-speaking (west and center).


The overwhelming majority are Christians. The most common is Orthodoxy. Catholicism is represented by the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church and is distributed in Galicia (Ternopil, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions).

In addition, there are Protestantism, Judaism and Islam (among the Crimean Tatars).


National currency