Vasileios Konstantinos Adamis

Vasileios Konstantinos Adamis

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Personal Profile 

I’m a graduate student from Kingston University in the bachelor’s degree of mathematics and statistics and i continue my studies at Kings College with a Master’s degree in Data science. During my 3 year course at Kingston I developed analytical and leadership skills. I am a dedicated hardworking student who can work under pressure and deal professionally with difficult situations.


20014-2017: Greek apolytirion ,Agia Paraskevi 4th High School, Athens 

Overall grade 18.2 out of 20

2017-2020 University of Kingston Upon Thames,BSc in Mathematics and Statistics

Graduate with upper second class

Thesis title: Time Series Analysis and Forecasting in the Financial and Business Field

Thesis Supervisor: Nashrollah Saebi

2020-present Kings College ,MSc in Data Science


Employment and Work Experience

January 2019-present

  • I’m co-founder of a new company named MedicalArrow, primarily working as a business and data analyst consultant. Worked on the Medical Arrow website( and translated a variety of medical examinations letters and texts from English to Greek and vice-versa.
  • Create and present the company pitch-deck and business model canvas to possible angel investors or private equity facilitators. Currently taking part in two competitions on behalf of Medical Arrow.
  • Currently assisting in securing partnerships with hospitals or private health clinics (10 partnerships exist already with hospitals of international scale).

July 2019-September 2019

  • Worked in the Financial programming of IASO, a  private general, Obstetric- Gynaecological & Paediatrics Clinic- Diagnostic in Athens (Greece) for 2 months period (,were I was building accurate Financial Models to further Improve the Hospital which is now is a sub-company of Oaktree Capital management, a growing investment company with headquarters in USA. My latest project was to calculate pros and cons of using digital records instead of paper while calculating some risk factors during the transformation of the hospital to completely paperless. Submission of inpatients and outpatients in the National Organisation of Health Care Services (EOPYY)
  • Administration of the admission process and discharges notes
  • Customer Support, answering queries and solving any issues customers may have.
  • This experience has allowed me to develop good communication and time managing skills in order to meet deadlines to ensure the functionality of the hospital’s admission system.
  • Always kept up with the daily target of submitting 200 applications a day.
  • Was responsible for reviewing employee payroll and processing remuneration
  • Assisted with various projects by conducting profitability tests (N.P.V, Cost-Benefit Analysis, etc.) and presenting the to the manager responsible for the project.
  • Conducted a Cost-Benefit analysis on the profitability of changing the physical health records to Electronic Health records on a tertiary care hospital in Greece that I later presented to the project manager successfully.

Training and Workshops

  • Web-seminar “Deep Learning Advanced: Generative Method for Risk Factor Modelling and Model Validation.” From the European Actuarial academy (EAA) on the 20th of May 2020, 10:00 – 12:00 CEST.
  • AA Webinar Series “Machine Learning – Selected Masterpieces”. From the European Actuarial academy (EAA) on 7, 14 and 21 September 2020. 10:00 – 12:00 CEST.
  • Virtual Maxwell Analysis seminar “Local Dissipation of Energy for Continuous Incompressible Euler Flows.” From Dr. Phil Isett (Caltech), on Friday the 2nd of October 2020, 15.00 CEST.
  • Web-seminar “Correction: Carfiff Analysis and PDE seminar.” Abstract: “The question of whether there exists an approximation procedure to compute the resonances of any Helmholtz resonator, regardless of its particular shape, is addressed.”. From Dr. Frank Rösler (Cardiff).
  • Web-seminar “Elliptic measures and the geometry of domains”. From Dr. Zihui Zhao (Chicago), on Friday the 9th of October 2020, 15.00 CEST.


 Technical Skills

  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office including: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Microsoft Access and Outlook.
  • Proficient in statistical/mathematical programs; S.A.S, Maple, Matlab, SPSS, R, .
  • Currently receiving lectures on Python, SQL, .
  • Fluent in Greek (Native), English.
  • A2 degree in French, which I had been studying for 2 years.
  • I have been playing the piano for 5 years outside of the conservatory before signing in for about 2 ½ years, gaining experience and playing on concerts the conservatory planned


Interests & Achievements


  • I love traveling
  • I used to be a scout for 4 years in which time we were volunteering in various of causes in Greece,such as tree plantation, garbage collection from coasts and the city ,and helping the nearby retirement home.
  • I enjoy different genres of music