The Ukrainian International Center Medical Arrow provides the following services:

  • Assistance in selecting a Clinic specializing in your problem
  • Primary consultation and assistance in obtaining an independent doctor’s opinion
  • Planning of diagnosis and treatment, assessment of the cost of services
  • Help with housing fraud or hotel booking
  • Transfer from the airport / airport and all trips to the clinic
  • Assistance in obtaining a visa if you are from a visa country with Ukraine
  • Assistance in translating medical records
  • Providing copies of medical reports after consultation
  • Assistance in arranging payment for treatment
  • Clinic support by your personal manager coordinator
  • Assistance in applying to international insurance companies
  • Organization of communication with doctors after leaving the clinic
  • Organization of leisure, rest, excursions, visits to SPA salons

Most importantly, you must understand that we are standing guard over your interests: in the proper selection of a medical institution and a doctor for the treatment of your illness. We know exactly the possibilities of the Clinic or Medical Center where you will be treated, the level and qualifications of the doctors, we will monitor, so that you don’t get cheated by the cost of treatment in the form of unnecessary analyzes or manipulations. We will check that the clinics provide you with detailed invoices for your

medical services, we will in turn provide the price for your services before you arrive in Ukraine. All services are paid as they are received and no prepayment is made.


If you are interested in an independent doctor’s consultation, we suggest that you send your complete medical history along with the results of the research done by email:, or Viber| WhatsApp +38 063 795 84 83. As soon as the request is considered, we will contact you about the recommended course of treatment and the expediency of coming to Ukraine.

If you make a positive decision about your trip to the clinic of Ukraine chosen by you, the specialists of our Center for Servicing Foreign Patients will develop a plan for you to consult doctors and necessary surveys. The possibility of receiving a patient in clinics in Ukraine is determined in accordance with your state of health and the degree of need for medical intervention.


Service manager coordinator is the connecting link between the patient and his attending physicians. One of the main duties of the manager is monitor and control of the agreed treatment plan, all services provided. The coordinator will make sure that everything is done in a timely manner and will protect the patient’s interests throughout the entire treatment process in Ukraine. And also will organize the travel and transfer, treatment to doctors, will accompany you during the whole period of stay in the clinics of Ukraine.


We understand that the language barrier can serve as a serious obstacle for applying to a foreign clinic. In this regard, we completely take care of patients from the day of treatment and until returning home. The staff of the Center for the Servicing of Foreign Patients will help you with the translation of medical documentation and interpretation.


Our specialists of the Center for Foreign Patients will help you in advance to choose the suitable option for accommodation in accordance with all your needs and wishes.


Medical Arrow provides paid transfer services, including a meeting at the airport and the organization of trips to the clinics, so you will know for sure that in the clinic you will pay only the treatment and no other fees, everything is very transparent.


Before arriving in Ukraine, the patient is offered a preliminary treatment plan together with an approximate cost. We draw your attention to the fact that the actual costs of treatment may differ from the preliminary calculation, as there is the possibility of adjusting the treatment after the doctor will sees you physically, or after the tests have been submitted, there will be a need for additional research or treatment.


Services of Manager Coordinator: 3 to 10% of the cost of treatment (depending on the options that you will need)

Translation services:

interpreting from 15 to 30 euros per hour (depending on the level of the interpreter), written translations from 3 euros for 1800 characters with spaces (depending on the language of the translation)


apartments from 200 euros per month (depending on the city, district and design of the apartment),

hotels from 30 euros per night (depending on the city and the level of the hotel)

apartments from 40 euros per night (depending on the city and the level of the apartment)


Taxi from 3 euros (depending on the distance from the airport to the clinic)

Train from 10 euros (depending on the distance of the city from Kiev)

Aircraft from 90 euros (depending on the distance of the city from Kiev)