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A cervical biopsy is a procedure to remove tissuefrom the cervix to test for abnormal or precancerous conditions, or cervical cancer.

Types of cervical biopsies include:


  • Punch biopsy. This procedure uses a circular blade, like a paper hole puncher, to remove a tissue sample. One or more punch biopsies may be done on different areas of the cervix.


  • Cone biopsy. This procedure uses a laser or scalpel to remove a large cone-shaped piece of tissue from the cervix.


  • Endocervical curettage (ECC). This procedure uses a narrow instrument called a curette to scrape the lining of the endocervical canal. 




A cervical biopsy may also be used to diagnose and help treat these conditions:


  • Non-cancerous growth (polyps) on the cervix


  • Genital warts. These may mean that you have an infection with HPV. HPV is a risk factor for cervical cancer.


Your health care provider may have other reasons to recommend a cervical biopsy.

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