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Chemotherapy refers to the use of medicines to treat cancer. It has been used for many years and is one of the most common treatments for cancer. Chemotherapy may be used alone for some types of cancer or in combination with other treatments such as radiation or surgery. Often, a combination of chemotherapy medicines is used to fight a specific cancer.

hemotherapy can be given:

  • As a pill to swallow
  • As an injection (shot) into the muscle or fat tissue 
  • Intravenously (directly to the bloodstream; also called IV) 
  • Topically (applied to the skin) 
  • Directly into a body cavity 

To reduce the damage to healthy cells and to give them a chance to recover, chemotherapy is usually given in cycles. Chemotherapy may be given daily, weekly, every few weeks, or monthly, depending on your situation. Chemotherapy is usually given in an outpatient setting

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