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Fetal Neurosonology provides secondary interpretations of ultrasound images, if needed, along with the primary evaluation of the fetal central nervous system through ultrasound, specialized fetal neurosonology techniques and fetal MRI.. Furthermore, as the Fetal Neurosonology Program is part of maternal-fetal medicine ultrasound, we help you facilitate other appointments, if needed, as in cases of multiple anomalies (e.g., fetal echocardiogram). 

We have extensive experience with patients diagnosed with the following conditions (among others): 

  • Open neural tube defects
  • Mild ventriculomegaly
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Genetic brain malformations
  • Fetal strokes/hemorrhage
  • Other structural brain malformations
  • Infectious etiologies of brain malformations

Fetal neuronal migration disorders

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