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A varicocele is an anatomic abnormality that can impair sperm production and function. No effective medical treatments for varicoceles have been identified. 

Varicoceles usually don’t have any symptoms. In teens, they may cause slowed growth of the testicles. They may also cause pain and swelling. And they can also lead to infertility. You may get treatment due to your symptoms or because of infertility.


Surgery and varicocele embolization are the 2 main treatments. Both choices have similar success rates. But the recovery time from embolization is usually shorter. That’s because it uses only a tiny needle stick. You also don’t need to be put to sleep for it. 

Microsurgical repair of varicocele may improve the patient’s erectile and ejaculatory function, along with raising  testosterone levels. 

Surgery might be a better choice if you have varicocele affecting both testicles. Talk with us about the choice that makes the most sense for you. Varicocele embolization might not be available in your area.

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